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Specialization: Residential/ Commercial
Location: Kanya kumari, Kanyakumari

IMAGINATIONS are not CREATED but built, so here we are AGNEL CONSTRUCTION to build your dreams. Agnel construction is a multidisciplinary team of young Architects and Designers who believes Uniqueness in every design involved with creativity satisfying the user’s needs. We strongly presume that Architecture Reflects the Way of Living. Our ultimate focus is the user and how they relate to a space, not only in terms of their physical comfort but also their sense of belonging. As budding designers, we intend to integrate aesthetics with functionality. We wish to design a space wherein walking out prompts the need to enter again. Agnel construction provides Design services in architecture, interior design, master planning, landscape and product design. We design a wide range of residential buildings – Villas, Individual residences, Row houses, Flats, Apartments, Townships, Gated communities – and commercial buildings – School, Showrooms, Hotel and Office complexes, etc. We DESIGN and also EXECUTE all the above buildings as well

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